Correct Wine Storage – Key to Preserving and Aging Wine

Correct Wine Storage

Wine Storage is the Key to Preserving and Aging Your Wine Wine storage is key to the success of any collection. If you enjoy collecting fine wines then you will want to look into the best of all wine storage options. There are many different ways to store your wine but no matter which wine … Continue reading "Correct Wine Storage – Key to Preserving and Aging Wine"

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Piedmont Wine Region – One of Three Main Italian Regions

Piedmont Wine Region

One of three main Italian winemaking regions, Piedmont lies at the confluence of the Tanaro and Borbera rivers, 45km (28 mi) southeast of Turin in northwest Italy. Moderately remote in this crowded modern world, it’s braced by the Alps to the north and the Apennines to the south. Introduction Bordered by the French and Swiss … Continue reading "Piedmont Wine Region – One of Three Main Italian Regions"

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Loire Wine Region – As Far Back as The Roman invasion

Loire Wine Region

The Loire Valley, near Nantes in western France, is one of the most beautiful winemaking areas in Europe. A narrow, but wide region following the Loire river, it meanders from Auvergne and the Massif Central mountains to the Atlantic coast. Introduction Vines producing wine grapes existed here as far back as the Roman invasion into … Continue reading "Loire Wine Region – As Far Back as The Roman invasion"

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Languedoc-Roussillon Wine Region – Originally the work of Greeks

Languedoc-Roussillon Wine Region

Languedoc-Roussillon, the largest wine producing region in the world, lies on the border of the Mediterranean sea, between the Rhone delta and Spain. Introduction Fifty thousand vine growers (out of a population of 2.4 million) spread over an area of 27,400 square kilometers (10,500 square miles) swelter in the intense summers for the sake of … Continue reading "Languedoc-Roussillon Wine Region – Originally the work of Greeks"

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Chianti Wine Region – It’s All In The Name

Chianti Wine Region

Chianti — the name says ‘wine’. A mere 300 square km (115 square mi), in the center of Tuscany between Siena and Florence, Chianti overlooks the Elsa Valley. Hilly, the terrain varies from green forests to stony meadowland. The rows of wine grape vines share the land with olive groves and the occasional oak tree. … Continue reading "Chianti Wine Region – It’s All In The Name"

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Burgundy Wine Region – Some of the World’s Finest Wines

Burgundy Wine Region

Nowhere in France is the terroir concept —a group of vineyards (or vines) from the same region that share similar soil and climate— more dearly held than Burgundy. Introduction Located in central east France, the region’s 1.6 million inhabitants endure cold Continental winters, but enjoy warm summers. A region covering 31,500 square kilometers (over 12,000 … Continue reading "Burgundy Wine Region – Some of the World’s Finest Wines"

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Bordeaux Wine Region – Since The First Century AD

Bordeaux Wine Region

Bordeaux. The word itself says ‘wine’ to millions around the world. Many historians of the subject assure us that wine has been produced in Bordeaux since the first century AD. And given the known ability for the great Bordeaux to age gracefully, one can believe it. Introduction Located in the south west of France around … Continue reading "Bordeaux Wine Region – Since The First Century AD"

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Alsace Wine Region – Active Since The Roman Conquest

Alsace Wine Region

Winemakers in Alsace have been active since the Roman conquest. Introduction The Alsatians themselves are a mixed French-Germanic lot, with many of the older inhabitants still speaking Alsatian, a Germanic dialect, at home. Despite living in the smallest winemaking region in France, these proud people rightfully boast of their centuries old winemaking traditions. Six thousand … Continue reading "Alsace Wine Region – Active Since The Roman Conquest"

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Wine Glossary – Words For The Perplexed

Wine Glossary

Our Wine Glossary Here you will find all the essential wine terms defined, ensuring you’ll soon master the language of wine. Acidity: wines contain acids, which vary in concentration. Appellation: French system regulating authenticity; applies to region where the grapes were grown. Astringent: high tannin content produces dry, puckering effect. Balance: relative degree of fruity … Continue reading "Wine Glossary – Words For The Perplexed"

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Good Wine Requires Good Grapes

Good Wine Requires Good Grapes

Few agricultural endeavors are as complex as winemaking. And at the end of the process, one gets to enjoy a good glass. Site selection, grape variety, soil preparation, sunlight control, fermentation management, even the type of cork used all play important parts in producing fine wines. Introduction Wine grapes are grown in a pair of … Continue reading "Good Wine Requires Good Grapes"

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